Advancing the understanding of what drives success in nations

Pathways to Prosperity

For leaders seeking to take their nations on a pathway to prosperity, we aim to provide accessible practical illustrations of what have been successful paths towards prosperity taken by other countries.

Our goal is to articulate the core ideas that underpin successful pathways to prosperity (while recognising there is no one-size-fits-all model) – covering institutions, economics, and social wellbeing, with specific and tangible examples of drivers of prosperity at national level. We will focus on the policies and practices that have shown most impact in achieving prosperity, especially in the context of constrained resources.

How Nations Succeed

Analyses of national transformation over six decades.

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Democracy Playbook

An Analysis of the development of the political institutions as fundamental blocks to prosperity.

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Land Reform Playbook

How land reforms can contribute to more open and inclusive societies.

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Decentralisation Playbook

How devolving greater power and resources to sub-national units can transform political and economic systems.

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Public Digital Infrastructure Playbook

How Digital tools can empower citizens by granting property rights and access to modern state institutions.

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