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We've included answers to some of the more frequently asked questions below. However, please feel free to contact us should you requirement more information about the Index.

What is the Prosperity Index?

The Legatum Prosperity Index™ is a framework that provides a unique insight into how prosperity – characterised by inclusive societies, open economies, and empowered people – is forming and changing across the world. It is an annual ranking of 167 countries, which together contain 99.4% of the world’s population. It uses 300 country-level indicators, grouped into 67 policy-focused elements across 12 pillars, to measure the current state of prosperity in these countries and how it has changed over the past decade.

What is the purpose of the Index?

Can I use the Prosperity Index findings for my own purposes, and how should I reference it?

How is the Prosperity Index built?

Why are some countries not in the Index?

Can I see the actual data used?

Why do some datapoints have different years?

How can I find out more details about the Index?