Creating the Pathways from Poverty to Prosperity

Prosperity Around the World

Our work aims to support individual nations on their journey to prosperity. To date, our ideas, research, and engagement with a network of experts have enabled us to become trusted advisors at the highest levels of governments.

Supported by the Legatum Foundation, the Templeton World Charity Foundation and others we have diagnosed the challenges and opportunities on the pathway to prosperity for countries around the world. Our approach has been to collaborate with think-tank partners in country and to engage with governments and other leaders where there is appetite for reform. We focus on achieving a change of practices in low- and middle-income countries, not simply transferring 'best practice' approaches.

The key to our engagement is identifying the fundamental constraints to prosperity. We lead through innovative ideas, we do not shirk from tackling critical political issues or the social contract in a nation (as seen in our recent reports on Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Central African Republic).

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